“Kristy’s style is incredibly welcoming and real. It’s very refreshing to be able to work with someone who gets it. Awesome job!”
– Sow to Speak leadership workshop attendee

What are SOW TO SPEAK workshops?

Life is busy. We’re overwhelmed, overworked, and overloaded with information. So no wonder it’s so hard to see the forest for the trees.

How can we reconnect with the people we communicate with everyday and gain some much needed perspective?

Through play. Through collaboration. Through open communication.

That’s great and all but it’s not effective to just collect information and store it in our brains for “someday”. We need to put it to action.

If you want a jump-start for your team to help boost morale, strengthen the necessary skills of leadership, problem-solving, thinking on your feet, collaboration, and communication then you’re where you want to be. Take a big sigh of relief. You’ve found the answer.

Everyone benefits in this highly creative and experiential style of learning. The techniques and tools of improvisation are used to improve teamwork, communication, leadership, and creativity. Participants jump in and work together to build resilience to failure and uncertainty while boosting healthy risk-taking, stress management, self-awareness, and speaking up with confidence.

Disclaimer: Sessions may bring about intense feelings of pure joy, excitement, and increased self-confidence. Participants may break out into rounds of intense high-fiving, unrestrainable smiling streaks or, in the most extreme cases, uncontrollable bouts of laughter. This is extremely contagious and may last indefinitely.

Acting for Non-Actors (AFNA) Classes

A fun and effective way for you to boost your communication skills and confidence in one fell swoop. Speak up and listen up with a newfound genuine presence.

“I go to these kinds of workshops all the time and this is one of the best ones I’ve ever attended.”

– Sow to Speak Communication Workshop Attendee

Past workshop participants have shared an increased sense of :

• Self-awareness and mindfulness

• Self-worth and value for their voice

• Comfort and confidence in overall presentation skills

• Community within their organization, team, or school environment

• Perspective and empathy for others and self-compassion for themselves

“I manage forty student employees at the Wellin Museum of Art at Hamilton College. We wanted to bring some new elements regarding public speaking and teamwork into our training this fall and Kristy came highly recommended from a friend. I could not say enough great things about the two hour Sow to Speak workshop that she did for us. I could tell that she did her homework about our program and the vernacular we use here at the museum because the content of her workshop fit seamlessly with all that we had been learning. The students had fun, bonded with their peers and really came out of their shells. I would hire her to do another workshop in a heartbeat and plan to do just that!”

  Amber Geary, Museum Educator and Docent Program Supervisor

Wellin Museum of Art at Hamilton College


This unique workshop series is created for women by women. It’s geared at helping you celebrate your authentic voice through pairing communication, personal development, and applied improvisation exercises with a range of sub-topics that support you in this adventure. We feel that there is a place for everybody, so we strive to create a space that we would want for ourselves:  a comfortable setting to explore, play, and fully embrace who we are.

“Kristy’s workshop was fantastic. She is truly in her element presenting to women about discovering a new, fresh and fun sense of poise and confidence. I enlisted her to help new yoga teacher trainees overcome stage fright and find their voice. Kristy helped with just that, and more. Feedback from the workshop was overwhelmingly positive, and I can already see how the group is overcoming the obstacles that blocked them before. Thank you, Kristy!”

Jeff Percacciante, director of education at In Bloom Yoga

“My daughter and I came away from a recent Sow to Speak workshop feeling very peaceful and refreshed. Kristy is warm, welcoming, and kind. It’s obvious that she really cares about making life better for people. We enjoyed doing the hands-on exercises and liked that the workshop was action-oriented. Two hours seemed to fly by. 4 Elements Studio is an amazing venue too, full of beautiful art work.”

Sue Romero, Web Content Creator at Green Pencil Content

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“Stepping out of a normal routine, finding novelty, being open to serendipity, enjoying the unexpected, embracing a little risk, and finding pleasure in the heightened vividness of life. These are all qualities of a state of play.”

– Dr. Stuart Brown, Play: How It Shapes the Brain, Opens the Imagination, and Invigorates the Soul

It’s all communication. It’s all possible. It’s all necessary.

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