Energy Leadership Coaching

“I have developed more confidence to handle different situations. Kristy has challenged some of my thought process along the way which helps me see things from a different perspective. Ultimately, this will help me assist my own team in becoming successful but also provide our customers with the best experience.”

Having your team attend leadership and communication trainings once or twice a year sounds like a great plan… at first. The good intention is there: to help increase engagement, strengthen communication skills, decrease power struggles, and the never-ending gossip that creates toxic work cultures. The problem with this strategy is, like anything, it’s a practice. It needs to be tended to on a regular basis so that mental shifts can be ingrained in a way that makes sense and provides the opportunity to know that you’re not in it alone.

Energy Leadership Coaching is for anyone wanting to cultivate and deepen their self-awareness, leadership, and communication skills. It all starts with understanding how we “show up” in the world. My philosophy is that you already have what you need inside of you, I work with you to ask the right questions to help you uncover your own answers. That is the most empowering and effective way to make a life-long change.

If you’re interested in learning more about how energy leadership coaching can benefit yourself and/or your team, set up a free 20-minute discovery call with me today. You’ll be glad you did.