Presentation Coaching

Just so you know, it’s not lame to admit that you need some help to be a better speaker.

It’s actually pretty admirable and incredibly needed – now more than ever. Allowing yourself to take the steps to grow as a speaker (on a small or large scale) will only ripple out and encourage others to do the same. You growing allows others to grow. What I do is help you “sow to speak”.  Together, we uncover your message and figure out the best way to refine it, while remaining true to you and engaging to your audience.  Best of both worlds right there.

I mean, really. Aren’t you sick and tired of keeping the sweat out of your palms and the bile out of your throat when the mere mention of “speaking” and your name make it into the same sentence? If you’re passing over the chance to speak on topics that matter to you, attend social events, speak up at meetings, nail the pitch or ask for the raise out of pure fear… you are not alone.

I hear you and I’ve got your back.

Here’s the problem:

if you continue to hold yourself back from speaking up then your mark on the world will be an ineffective blip that is passed over, never to be heard from. Ever. As in forever ever. It sounds dismal. I know. But wait…

Here’s the solution:

By renewing your hope and strength in your own speaking style, you can then turn around and renew it in others. You will be that charismatic and authentic speaker that inspires others on a deep level. It’s that simple. It’s that needed.

Let’s do this.

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