For the Service-Minded Humans of the World

For my birthday this past November, I was gifted one of the best experiences of my life by my parents – other than the gift of life by my parents.

I took part in Committed Impulse, a weekend-long intensive performance workshop in NYC that had the overall goal of helping actors, entrepreneurs, and public speakers, to get from our heads -> into our bodies. We spent close to 20 hours spread throughout three days/nights of exploring acting exercises and techniques from around the globe that help performers shift their energy from their overburdening minds into their unattended bodies.

It was liberating, terrifying, and exhilarating all rolled into one. But above all else, it was life-changing. In the simplest terms, this experience helped me to strengthen the internal muscle of servant leadership. If you’re not familiar with this term, it encompasses the qualities of self-awareness, empathy, heightened listening, humility, interdependence, and deep connection.

Good news. You have this muscle too. We all do. It’s our choice if we strengthen it or let it atrophy.

The funny thing is that the people who tend to be service-minded are usually the hardest on themselves. Go figure! So, just as you can weaken a muscle from not exercising, you can also pull a muscle from straining it. The goal is to be self-aware enough that you keep your body and mind connection a well-oiled machine.

Often times us service-minded folks pitch a tent right out there in the vast self-critical campground and gaze up at the constellations of: Am I doing enough? Am I helping enough? Am I good enough? All the while, the rest of the world hears crickets from us because our fears are stifling our talents and service.

So to help squash these fears, I will give you and I both some hearty YES’s.

YES, we are doing enough.
YES, we are helping enough.
YES, we are good enough, smart enough, savvy enough, focused enough, young enough, old enough, and driven enough. 

Enough is enough!

It doesn’t have to be perfect. It just needs to get started — big, fat note to self.

If you need a little comfort and perspective for your inner critic too, check out this on point insight and video by Josh Pais, the creator of Committed Impulse. He compares our inner critic to a three-year-old and gives you two clear and humorous options of how to handle this little, manipulative punk once and for all. (Don’t be misled by him focusing on acting – you can fill in the blank with any career or focus that you have momentary insecurities about.)

Since you’re the service-minded, mission-driven person I know you are, then my 3-part online presentation course, A.N.C.H.O.R. Down to Rise Up, created to demystify any fears that you have surrounding self-promotion is for you.

If you’re a business owner – this is for you.
If you’re looking to move up in your career – this is for you.
If you have a cause that you want to stand by- this is for you.
If you have a passion project that pumps you up- this is for you.

The overall goal is to get out of your way, out of your head and into viewing the part you play in the world from a whole new perspective. 

The result? You communicate from a focused and generous place. And who doesn’t need more of that in the world?


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