How Can Ten Seconds Change Your Day?

1 minute read

What would happen if you started each day taking a moment to sit in bed and breathe? Just a few seconds. How different would your day be? How would your first interaction be with your partner? Your kids? Your pets? Your friends? The barista? The guy at the light next to you? Yeah, him. Your co-workers? Your boss? Your clients?

Just think, it’s all from just taking ten seconds to pay attention to your breath.

Imagine that.

You know what’s great about it? Even if you didn’t do it first thing, you can do it right now. You can always do it. Breathing doesn’t judge you for not doing it. It doesn’t shame you for doing it wrong. It doesn’t throw a hissy fit for not giving it attention. It’s just always there, ready for you.

It’s all perspective. Take a moment (yes, right now). Close your door – office, bathroom, car, closet. Whichever door you’ve got. Close your eyes. Take two solid deep breaths and then carry on. Notice a difference? Maybe, maybe not. You know who will? The next person who you come into contact.  I will thank you on their behalf. Thank you.

And, let’s just clear something up. Taking a few moments to breathe throughout the day doesn’t make you lazy. It doesn’t mean you’re not busy enough. It doesn’t  label you as “woo-woo”. It doesn’t judge you at all.

You know who does? You.

Give yourself a break.  You’ve earned it.


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