The Movie Scene That Shows Us How to Get Over Ourselves and Feel Less Alone

1 minute read

There’s a little movie called, “Cyrus” that came out in 2010 and went under the radar. There’s one scene in it that always reminds me to go for it even if everybody else isn’t doing it. (Let us not forget that 99% of the time, the masses are asses.)  John C. Reilly’s character, John, is at a party with his ex, her new love, and a bunch of strangers. While nervously sucking down cocktails, he runs into Molly, Marisa Tomei’s character and there’s a connection. John breaks away when he hears a song that he loves, runs to turn up the music, and even though the party-goers are saving face adulting hard, he goes for it.

So, we have John: going for it.
And, we have Molly: keeping it going.

One takes the chance. The other takes a stand.

To find out how it all goes down, watch the clip below.

Who are you willing to show today:  your inner John or your inner Molly?

You know they’re both in there.

(Red bull & vodka not required.)

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