Just in case you were feeling this way too…

I have been feeling a belly dropping roller coaster of emotions lately.

I divulged this to enough people and was comforted when the collective response was a relieved, “Me too!”. This includes the blessing of a man at the deli counter who I shared a piece of turkey with while we waited in line. After we worked through the niceties and agreed that the turkey was delicious, he took a long look at the last bite in his hands and said, “You know? It’s the little joys in life…”. I waited, knowing that he had more on his mind. “After what happened in Vegas, it’s just devastating. Unimaginable.” We spoke of our shared helplessness and heartache until they called his number. By “breaking turkey” we bonded on a human level. We thanked each other for this moment and then I rolled my cart straight to the cheese station and shared a cry with the pecorino and fontina.

In the wake of the devastating tragedies, I waffle on the spectrum of heartfelt gratitude to sobbing tears of confusion, heartbreak, and fear almost daily.

So, instead of hiding this and carrying on as we were, I wanted to share it with you on the off chance that you too have been feeling this way.

I hope that it helps you realize that you’re not alone and that showing these moments of humanity helps us communicate and connect on an incredibly necessary level. Sometimes doing so with a stranger at the deli counter is the best way to go.

Because this is what strengthens our trust, respect, and love for each other, these small human interactions are what keeps hope alive.

But we have a major societal roadblock.
Showing heightened emotions of any sort isn’t cool in our culture.
Well, you know what? Screw cool.
Now is not the time to play it cool or to put up a front. Cool is overrated and hiding out under the bleachers. It’s numbing itself on repeat to keep up the Fonzie facade out of pure fear of crumbling into a broken hot mess.

So, if you’re one of the millions of people in our country who is feeling like a water balloon about to burst, you’re not alone. And, if you’re not, be the soft landing place for the rest of us. Be the ear that listens without judgment and who offers presence without any agenda.

Reach out to each other. Reach out to me. Just reach out.

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