You So Crazy! (And Why That’s a Crazy Awesome Quality For Success.)

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Hey. Sweet Nuts here.

A few months ago I was having some wine with a friend, and as we cheered our heavy pours in honor of our twenty-five-year friendship, she looked at me and said, “You’re nuts. That’s why I love you.” I, of course, took the high road and said, “Ew”.  I opened my mouth to prove her wrong, shoulders pinned high, and then froze.

“Yeah, I got nothin. You’re right. I’m a little nuts.”

She looked me over, tilted her head and said, “Yeah, but you’re sweet nuts.” Then, her eyes grew wide with an ah-ha moment that only a second heavy pour of wine could veil as brilliance. “That’s your nickname. You from here on out are Sweet Nuts!” We did a sloppy cheer and proceeded to continue our debate on our biggest pet peeves. (Open-mouth breathers topped the list.)

I woke up the next morning with a headache and a plan.

I’m taking back my crazy, dammit. Pronto.

As a kid, I shied away from my crazy. I was high-strung and sensitive. Oof.
It took me years to realize that when you’re handed extremes in your personality, they’re gifts – not detriments. Neuroticism and hypersensitivity? More like imagination and empathy. Ah, the magic of perspective. But if we’re not steered towards redefining crazy then survival of the fittest swoops in and next thing we know, we’re trading our soul for our ego’s survival.

Then what suffers? Everything. As in – everything.
Your actions. Your words. Your relationships. Your health.

*NEWS FLASH* – stress kills. No silver lining it here.

So, please, for the love of us all – go and grab your crazy.

Like my all-time favorite writer, the late Nora Ephron said:

“Insane people are always sure they are fine. It is only the sane people who are willing to admit that they’re crazy.”


Admitting that you’re a little nuts allows for freedom of expression and helps us to loosen up a little a bit. We are all trying so damn hard to keep it together that we’re unraveling at the seams. Please don’t mistake this as trying to prove you’re crazy. We have enough crazymakers out there already.

The problem is that in our society big ideas and the stick-with-it-ness required are mistaken for crazymakers.

Got a big idea? No way. You’re a dreamer. You’re so innocent. (Pat pat.)

Stick-with-it-ness, although admired from afar, requires – oh boy – to go where our society doesn’t like us to go: in isolation. It necessitates time away, alone to take in a big idea and break it apart into doable and possible steps. It’s what allows actual ideas to be created and live and breathe in the world.

But that’s a no-no. Sure, work hard. Just don’t show us what it takes.

It’s time that we do. It’s time that we take our crazy back.

Because crazy is what makes the big ideas happen. Crazy is who inspires. Crazy is who takes the chance and doesn’t listen to the naysayers. Crazy is who listens to their gut and has faith in the unknown. Crazy is what stokes the focus fire in our bellies and strengthens our commitment to why we do what we do. Crazy is who stays humble and does the work instead of needing to show their hustle. Okay, and yes, crazy may also binge watch iTunes trailers for hours on a Friday night, with a bowl full of stove-top popcorn, and a half bottle of sauvignon blanc.

You say crazy. I say bliss.

Listen, I’m not saying crazy is running blindly into endeavors with zero plan, the wind in your hair while screaming “Sayonara, suckers!”. I’m just saying that the real change makers, the people who jump in and swim against the current, are the people who society slaps a crazy tag on out of our own fear of change and mortality. It’s way easier to write someone off as crazy and carry on than it is to look in the mirror and truly face yourself.

This is the thick of true communication right here.

If you are truly living your life, (yes, even with some obligatory sacrifices it can still be done) then your communication will be clearer and stronger. Your personal agenda will dwindle and your goals will line up. Benefiting the greater good and self-expression can co-exist. They are not mutually exclusive. Quite the contrary.

So, I ask you, what is that one idea that when you unclench your butt cheeks, uncovers a fantastic-dance-in-your-pants idea that will make people call you out on your own beautiful crazy?

You know what it is. I know ya do. Take it and run with it. Let’s see what you got.

Kudos to you and all your craziness,
Sweet Nuts

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