How to Own It and Not Phone It In

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Do you need a little help owning who you are? Don’t be shy.

It’s go time.

We can all smell inauthenticity like blood hounds, right? It can feel frustrating, manipulative and offensive.

We all fly into Mr. T mode of “pitying the fool” for making us look like one.

Do you really think I’m buying anything you’re selling, Guy Smiley?

So, don’t be that person. Here’s something that can help you out.

One visual: a sieve.

Yes, as in a sifter. Its basic goal is to separate wanted elements from unwanted material.

When we own our true selves, we are acting as a walking and talking sieve.

We are weeding out the people who may not dig our vibe and clearing the way for those who do.

It may be scary. It may feel uncomfortable. It will be totally 100% worth it.

Case in point: When I was creating this weekly letter to you, I knew I wanted to give it a name. I knew that name had to embrace the creation of a community of people who have similar beliefs in the importance of becoming more self-aware. People who know that this is the golden ticket to doing really kick ass work and meeting incredible people along the way. People who are willing to call themselves out and hold themselves accountable. People who know that giving themselves credit for this brave move is where the good times start.

The word kudos instantly popped into my head.

And there you have: Kudos Crew. People who are willing to give themselves kudos for putting their butts on the vulnerability line of admittedly not having it all together, but willing to go into uncharted territory anyway.

Then the doubt set in.

I asked a good friend, “Kudos Crew? Is it cheesy?”
Without blinking an eye she said, “Totally. But you’re kind of cheesy… and I love everything about it!”

So, herein lies the moral of the story: Own your cheese.

Maybe you’re straight forward or touchy-feely or deep or lighthearted or sassy or a wee bit wacky or {fill in the blank here}.

Whatever your “cheese” may be, let that freak flag fly without looking back.

Go for broke with a heart of gold conviction, knowing that the right people will “get” you and the people who don’t, well, there’s someone else out there for them.

The more you do this, the more it allows for others to do it too.

“Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.”
– Margaret Mead

Plus, you gain instant street cred for being the real deal.

Kudos to you for owning your cheese!

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