How Eavesdropping Will Save the World

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I’m gonna let you in on a little secret.

There is something that you can start doing today to help significantly kick up your inspiration, curiosity, creativity, and empathy in one fell swoop… for freeeee. (I know, right??)


Listen in.

No, that’s it. Listen in. Observe. Be curious. Eavesdrop.

I’m not talking the nosy and annoying amateur younger-sibling-ear-pressed-against-the-door kind of eavesdropping. (Settle down all you last born, I am one of you.) I mean as the adulting professional that you so are.

Subtly and strategically.

Now, if you have been following along the last few weeks, you have successfully carved out some space for “me” time in the morning and feel super focused from doing some solid social media summer cleaning. How’s that going for you? Any insights? Challenges? Let me know.

As for the last leg of our 3-part listening series…

TRY-Angling Yourself : Towards Other People’s Convos

This may sound intrusive, sneaky and rude. We’re not talking about creeping on the Facebook page of your ex’s new love or anonymously viewing the LinkedIn profile of the co-worker who won the promotion over you. (Dammit! I was signed in??)

The sole purpose is to gain pieces of information to then share creatively and beneficially with the rest of the world.

In other words: you are gaining solutions so that you can then give us your best work and best self.

So, here you are. You’re at the point where you cleared the mental ear wax out and have a freshly minted pair ready to listen in.

That’s where the magic of eavesdropping comes in. Imagine if the Genie from Alladin and Where’s Waldo? had twins.

Stay with me.

Those twins are your ears.

It goes a little something like this:

You’re in a rut. You are wishing (the genie) for heightened inspiration, creativity, solutions, perspective – you choose. You focus on one area and then let it out of your mind and into your ears.

Which is where you begin looking for your “Waldo”. He’s out there somewhere. (He always is.)  Just like when you were a kid with your pointer finger and eyes skimming and peeled to the book. Think of it not as a frantic search, but as an exciting discovery. Waldo might not be where you think he is – that sneaky little sucker. So, go in with an open mind.

By eavesdropping on strangers’ convos, as well as listening with your eyes, you will begin observing with a stronger and more objective vantage point. You will gain insight into human behavior (major bonus for storytelling and that underrated thing called empathy) which will lend itself to looking and listening from the outside in. Ideas will surface and problems may even find solutions. It’s a major low-risk activity because you have no personal connection. And it works!

Looking for insight into your business? Eavesdrop.
Hungry for some creative inspiration? Eavesdrop.
Have a nagging problem that just won’t quit? Eavesdrop.
Needing general life perspective? Eavesdrop.
Ready to get out of your own head and own way? Eavesdrop.

It’s there for you 24-7 without judgement.  Think of it as the imaginary loyal lab always wagging its tail ready to greet you.

Done right, eavesdropping enhances a deep and genuine connectivity with other living and breathing humans. It can significantly increase perspective and clarity.

Feel like you’re creeping? Take another look at your intention and make sure it’s a good one.

Extra dose of inspiration to send you on your way:

“We don’t know what you see. We have no ideas what you’re thinking. We need your contribution, your vision, your truth. Not the truth, but your truth, the truth of the world as you see it and as you wish it to be.”
– Seth Godin, What to Do When It’s Your Turn (and it’s always your turn)

So, yes, I am saying that if we all join forces to eavesdrop from a place of genuine good, we have a really great chance of saving the world.

New age superpowers: Inspiration, Creativity, Problem Solving and Empathy.

Time Travel? Flying? Super human strength? Psst. Your days are numbered.

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