Why Morning Me Time Will Save Your Soul

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This is the time of year when the mental distraction of cannonballing into a lake can cause the best of us to lose focus and want to call it quits. The home projects that once juiced us up, the mile-long line of clients that we once prayed for, and our never-ending to-do list all seem like one big nagging foam finger hovering over our shoulder with the “Not touching, can’t get mad” raz of childhood.  The feeling of overwhelm can make any of us want to delete our email accounts, throw our house on the market, and make a run for the mountains without looking back.

With all of this mental chatter going on inside, no wonder our listening skills rival a toddler’s at Darien Lake. Inside we feel like a roller coaster without any breaks. While on the outside, we’re mistaken as a vacant and dull shell of a human being.  Call me crazy, but I’m betting this is not the bikini-ready look you’re going for this summer.

Instead of false advertising yourself as the square that you are so not, it’s all about embracing the TRY-angle approach to keep your ears, mind and overall sanity in check. This may seem like an odd bizarre love triangle at first, but with practice, these 3 tips will have you feeling more present, alive and, dare I say, peaceful.

Clear. Actionable. To the point. As promised, in last week’s Kudos Crew, (my weekly newsletter), we’ll start with one each week and try it on for size. Here we go…

TRY-Angling: Your morning towards something YOU love.
I know. I know. Mornings are CUUURAZAY. I get it. Even more of a reason to do this. You’re not a morning person. Okay. But starting your day off with an alarm blaring and your overpacked mind snapping you “Ten-Hut!” faster than you can fall out of bed, is not the best way to head into your day. Start off with time for you.

We’ve heard it before and, yet, very few people are doing it. It really matters.

(As in, REALLY matters.)

It sets the tone for your entire day. You are able to re-enter your regular morning routine fresh. Rituals and habits are known to help us feel a clearer sense of purpose and a calmer sense of being. So, just think – you are doubling your benefit by creating a ritual and carving out time for yourself.

Here’s how: Plan what you’re waking up to do the night before so you go to bed looking forward to your alarm (crazy thought, I know!). This way there is no struggle with groggy brain memory in the a.m. I promise that you will probably hate doing this at first (didn’t expect that one, did you?), BUT within a few days – this may just be your own personal angel of the morning. Think of this as a listening primer. Your intuition thanks you!

Wake up 20 minutes earlier to…
– go for a walk
– doodle, paint, photograph, write
– read – an actual hard copy book (like this one)… in bed (no one said you had to get out of it!)
– do Morning Pages to get the mental gunk out
– meet in the basement (or as my mom fondly called it, “The Den of Sin”) and make out like teenagers before the kids wake up
(cause there’s nothing like a good basement make out sesh to have you feeling young again!)
– drink a whole cup of coffee/tea (while it’s actually hot) and daydream
– sit on your deck, porch, stoop… and do nothing
– plant a flower
– write a letter to someone you care about

Even better, divide your week up to include more than one of the above.

It might look like this:

Monday: Write
Tuesday: Read
Wednesday: Make out* (Hello, Hump Day!
Thursday: Write
Friday: Read

*If you think it’s ridiculous that making out has to be scheduled, then let’s talk after you are married with children. The basement doesn’t look so bad now, does it, hot shot?

It’s your turn to try just a little bit harder. What is one action above that you’re going to kick into gear?

Remember, we are the ones who are taking the chance to be better and do better. To call ourselves out and dust ourselves off. It’s hard work. It can be disruptive. Even scary.  It takes a ton of freaking guts and that calls for a major…

Kudos to you!

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