One Trick to Make More Room in Your Brain

{2 minute read}

I have a challenge for you. (You just sat up a little straighter, didn’t you? I like your spirit.)

I won’t keep you in suspense. Here it is: I want you to pay attention to how many times you doubt yourself today. Just for one day. Now, when it happens I want you to vow to yourself that you will catch yourself mid self-doubting, self-criticizing mental chatter and cut yourself off. Nip it. Your internal voice will rebel “Eh, bu-, I…Doh”. Nope. For one day it’s not an option. 24 hours. You can do it.

The goal here is this: we need to make it to the midway. To the point in our mind where we are able to be flexible in perspective and make wise and informed decisions. The only way to do this is to dabble in no doubt for a day. Why no doubt? Because the majority of us are on the waaay other side of the spectrum on an auto-pilot self-doubting frenzy. Take a look around. Yes – literally right now. Look around your office. Your house. The coffee shop. No, those are not zombies. Those are living and breathing human beings. So, is this self-doubting working for us? Not so much. Snap yourself out of it. One day.

Need an extra push? Check out this interview with Seth Godin to get you on track.

Now, playing fair…

On the flip side, doubting is not always bad. If we didn’t doubt at all we would just be a whole society of self-righteous creeps. Some would argue that we’re well on our way down that road. So, yes, sure, doubt it necessary.

Take it from author, Mark Manson:

“Cultivate doubt in your life. Always be unsure. Because being unsure leads to testing and discovering and learning and improving. It leads to dialogue and tolerance and acceptance and all that good happiness crap. Doubt makes you smarter. It makes you more resilient. And if done correctly, it should make you more curious.”
We will tackle further the pros of doubt next week but for now…keep your eye on the prize. Which is what, you ask? A clearer mind that isn’t bogged down by confusion. The miraculous appearance of more time in the day. Imagine that.

How do you get there?

By taking a day trip to the other extreme of the spectrum and switch out your mental mistrust with one phrase: Right decision. For 24 hours that’s your replacement. Right decision. We’re not talking BIG decisions here. We’re not buying houses, marrying a one night stand or moving across the country. We’re talking baby steps. Small decisions throughout the day that really don’t need a second thought. It’s not about becoming more impulsive and filling up our regret bucket. It’s about becoming more self-aware about where you need to slow down to make and communicate clear decisions without looking back.

Eventually, you will find your own midway. You will find the perfect balance of doubt and trust that is unique to you. When that happens it is beyond liberating. You will feel less drained from unnecessary mental chatter and if you stay absolutely still and listen, you may just feel your brain expand with the faintest whispered thank you.

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