How Playing Hooky Helps Communication Go From Breakdown to Amped Up

{2 minute read}

I don’t know about you but I am feeling some hardcore “senioritis” coming on – BIG time! Once the air is filled with the tinkering of the ice cream truck and drafts of barbecue smoke, all I want to do is throw in the responsibility towel and play hooky. All. Day. Long. Even when Mother Nature plays a dirty hand of dropping the temps just to have us yearn for summer days even more, I just can’t seem to kick the rage against the responsibility machine.

So, how do we deal with that feeling of responsibility rebellion that rears its head on the sunniest of days?

We skip school.  Duh!

This can’t be managed every day, okay, or every week, but taking a mental health day now and then is vital for our systems to reboot and stay engaged. Without them, our communication is likely to fly off the rails and leave us frothing at the mouth and fizzling out in the corner. Let’s not zone or lash out and instead peace out once in a while. Everyone will thank you for it. Promise.

The beauty is this – you don’t need to tell anyone where you’re going. Turn off the tech. Stay home. Lose yourself in a book or the woods. Hit up a park. Take a dance class out of town. Organize that room in your house. Talk a friend into going AWOL with you. Whatever floats your boat out of the office or the classroom or the boardroom to give you more headroom. After all, lack of headroom creates a communication breakdown. And we all know that a communication breakdown is the fastest shortcut to straight up Crazytown, U.S.A.

So, go for it! No permission slip required.

Word to the wise: before your boss calls your bluff or the guilt of “to do’s” fills your belly here is solid proof that playing hooky isn’t just for high schoolers.

6 Very Good Reasons to Take a Mental Health Day

Feeling too guilty to take a whole day? Too much on your plate? Well, at least work it into your day to take a break.

To Stay on Schedule, Take a Break

Are mental health days just not cutting it? Let’s figure out together how to help you re-engage & find your voice. You got this.

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